How to Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

If you’re a shopper like me, your closet can fill up quickly.   I regularly find new pieces while thrifting and sale shopping, but if I don’t love them, they take up valuable space in my closet and cause anxiety when I’m getting ready.  I work to combat this and below are my favorite wardrobe wrangling tips to keep from getting overwhelmed by my closet.


  1.  Find your voice.

    While I would love to say I am a fashionista wearing fun and exciting outfits each and every day, I acknowledge I spend a lot of time in joggers, leggings, and pullovers.


    I work for myself and with my daily operations, I can’t always be dressed up.  Knowing that, it would be silly of me to donate my legging collection with the hopes of dressing like Carrie Bradshaw every day.  This doesn’t mean I can’t buy dresses and fun shoes and bags, but it is something to keep in mind while I curate my closet.


    Think about your body, your lifestyle, and the pieces that you love to wear. Are you casual cozy, dressed to the nines, or a blend of both? Do you like bold or understated pieces? Do you like bright colors or neutrals? 


    All of these factors are important to consider when you are evaluating your wardrobe.  Remove pieces that don’t work for you.  If they don’t reflect who you are and how you want to present yourself, they don’t need to be taking up space in your closet.


  1. Give Yourself Permission.
We tend to keep items we don’t love, because we feel guilty getting rid of them.  Were they a gift?  Were they expensive? It doesn’t matter.  If you don’t wear them, they are just taking up space.
When evaluating your wardrobe give yourself permission to remove things that just aren’t quite right, even if they are new, barely worn, or expensive.  You can always give them to a friend, donate them, or sell them online or with a consignment store to earn some of your investment back.
If have items that hold sentimental value, but no long work for your wardrobe, store them somewhere other than your everyday closet and dressers.
You have to be able to review your wardrobe with no guilt.  After all, it’s your wardrobe - no one else’s.  It should fit you and your lifestyle and it should make it easy to get dressed everyday.


  1. Invest in what you need.
My favorite wardrobe tip is to invest in what you need to make your wardrobe work for you. These items should be things you need to complete your wardrobe, but also be in line with your lifestyle and your voice.
You may find yourself with bold pieces that you love, but you have nothing to pair them with.  Pinterest some inspo and buy at least one item that goes with it.
You may hate getting dressed because you don’t like how your bras fit.  Take yourself to Victoria’s Secret or Aerie, get measured, and buy new bras.
Decide what you need to make your wardrobe work – be thoughtful about this – the goal isn’t filling the closet up, its recognizing what pieces are missing and filling in that space so that you can easily assemble outfits each day.  It’s recognizing that even though you have enough of something (i.e. bras), if they don’t fit comfortably, it’s okay to replace them with new.
Also keep in mind that many items can be purchased at lower prices by thrifting and shopping secondhand!



  1. Learn what you don’t love.
Curating a wardrobe of items you love will make getting dressed easier and less stressful.  Part of doing this is acknowledging things you don’t love and then not buying them anymore.
That sounds easy though? Don’t buy things you don’t love. It’s not always as easy as you think and I say that as someone who can’t comfortably wear heels, doesn’t wear heels, but bought 2 pairs because they had bows on them.
Also - I love Old Navy, but when it comes to tees, I will only buy their “luxe” versions.  I don’t like how their traditional cotton tees fit and launder.  Sometimes I want to buy them because they have cute patterns or sayings and I have to remind myself after the first wear, I won’t reach for it and it’s a waste of money and space.



Long story, short - the right clothing should fit your life and make you feel happy and empowered.  Fill your closet with these items and give away or sell the rest.  Purge your closet with no guilt; replacing these items with things you love will drastically improve your life. 

If you have any other tips for wrangling your wardrobe, let me know in the comments!  Together we can all work toward wardrobes we love.

XO Jenn

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