4 Must Have Wardrobe Staples

A wardrobe is only as good as its most basic pieces, so today I am sharing my favorite wardrobe staples with you!  These are the cornerstones for many of my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) looks and having these on hand ensures I can wear anything in my closet.  


1. Neutral Tees + Tanks

Neutral layering pieces offer quick wardrobe solutions.  Not sure what to pair a cardigan with?  Slip on a black tank underneath.  Casual day wearing joggers?  Pair it with a long sleeve tee.  Bra showing through your blouse? Layer a tank top.  Consider these to be the personal assistants of your wardrobe.  Whatever the task, they get it done. 

In My Closet:

Tank Tops:                  7 black, 2 beige, 2 white, 1 of each of a few colors

Short Sleeve Tees:      5 black, 2 white, 1 of each of a few colors

Long Sleeve Tees:      2 black, 1 of each of a few colors


2. Undergarments + Slips

Ugh underwear – awkward. I’m going to quickly touch on this:

Make a point to have nude-colored undergarments similar to your skin tone for sheer or light-colored garments.  Bright white will often be visible when wearing these items, but nude tones will blend better while keeping your privates private. 

Going hand in hand with this topic, I adore having slips to pair under light colored sundresses.  It adds an extra layer of security, but also ensures I am not showing things I didn’t want to put on display.

I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t wear an item because I didn’t have the correct undergarments to pair with it.  Having these staples on hand means being able to grab your favorite light-colored garments with no worries.

In My Closet:

Slips: 2 in my skin tone

Bras/Undies: Minimum 3 of each in my skin tone


3. Black Leggings 

Do I even need to go into detail?  Aside from 100% wearing these as pants with tunics and long sweaters, I also love to wear them in lieu of tights & pantyhose under dresses and skirts.  They’re warmer and more comfortable.  The key is to make sure the legging hemline is hidden by whatever shoes you are wearing – hello boots & ankle booties.

In My Closet:

Black leggings: The limit does not exist.


4. Long Open Front Cardigan

This cozy staple is an essential layering piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. 

Cardigans are a lifesaver for me when it gets chilly.  I can wear any summer dress well into the Fall if I have a cardigan to pair with it.  They also make it easier to wear sleeveless and short sleeve blouses in the colder seasons or an office with very high AC.

While they are great for layering with dresses and tops, they are also perfectly paired with leggings and a tank or tee for weekend errands and will elevate a weekend look more than a sweatshirt will.

In My Closet:

Cardigans: 1 black, 1 gray, 1 tan


The main idea with these wardrobe staples is that they make your life easier.  They are the building blocks to many outfits and are the solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had. You can rely on them and they can be added to any outfit.  They can even form an outfit themselves!

Do you have any favorite pieces that serve multiple purposes and make your wardrobe work better for you?  Let me know in the comments!

XO, Jenn


  • Excellent advice 🥰

    Aunt Tor
  • Great tips. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to update my closet!

  • Great Points Thanks for sharing your tips and suggestions.
    You can never have enough t and tank tops.
    You’re right on t 🎯 with leggings either they can dress something up or Just comfy in the house.
    I’ll look forward to your next blog


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